Alaska bares all in new Instinct Magazine spread

No, it’s not a nudie spread – but All-Stars 2 champion, Alaska Thunderf*ck did recently open up to Instinct Magazine about everything from her early days to the current state of her career and the things that inspire her.

One of the most multi-faceted and talented queens to ever come from the RPDR kingdom, Alaska got real about her art and what attracted her to drag in the first place.

Well the thing about that is,” the artist said. “I’m really greedy and I like to do everything, and that’s what really attracts me to drag as an art form. It’s like the ‘Wild Wild West’ and there are no real hard-set rules about what we can do, or what we should do, so its like I get to dip my toes in everything, I get to be involved in the graphic design, as well as writing the lyrics, and I get to collaborate with friends to write the music, so I get to dip my toes in all of these things. But don’t get me wrong, I have done shows where we got to sing Ethel Merman and Cher. So we love to do everything and drag is really the world to do it in.”

Photo by: Santiago Phillips

One of the best parts of the interview, however, was when Alaska open up about what inspires her music today. 

After being asked what inspired her hit classics like “Come to Brazil” and “Leopard Print” the artist responded:

Well, a lot of the time, I can’t take credit for a lot of the things I write, I just write what the people give me. With the “Leopard Print” thing, I was doing a tour in the UK, and leopard print was showing up in the stores, and then people were coming to my shows wearing it. And I thought “OK, EVERYTHING MUST BE LEOPARD PRINT”, and if I keep saying it, I might as well say it a hundred times in a song. And there you have it, and people wear leopard print to my concerts, and I LOVE IT. It’s also really fun, you don’t need to decide what to wear, or agonize over it, I’m just telling you, just wear leopard print, it’s easy…

The fans in Brazil are very engaging on twitter, and it became this sort of constant thing, “Come to Brazil, Come to Brazil” and “We want you to come here” “Come do a show”. So I HAD to do a song called “Come to Brazil” and I did, and I’ve had a chance to perform it down there a few times. And it blows my mind how dedicated the fans in Brazil are, that they know EVERY SINGLE WORD to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY SONGS, which, sometimes I don’t even know all the words to my songs, so I’m very grateful when I need to remember them.

Perhaps the most inspirational part of the interview, however, took place when Alaska discussed the current state of her shows, and how drag is starting to open up the eyes of the world around it. 

That is one of the most beautiful things about this entire journey, the demographics of people who come to see drag shows, it’s getting wider and wider. Kids are coming with their parents, and we are getting straight girls, and I think people find it inspiring. I get to do what I LOVE, and I get to live my truth and tell the truth, and I hope that is inspiring to people, and who knows what this younger generation is going to achieve, that inspires me.”

You can read the full interview over at Instinct Magazine, and find out everything Alaska had to say about her music and her art. If you’re looking to see this drag legend live, check out her current dates for both “Amethyst Journey: LIVE” and “Race Chaser Pod LIVE” – available in the app. 

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