You think you’re laughing AT Scarlet Envy? Joke’s on you…

The world might be laughing at Scarlet Envy’s dancing, but believe us…she’s laughing too. In a recent interview with Bustle, the fiery ginger from New York sat down with Kayla Blanton and opened up about how she’s doing now that the dancing’s stopped.

In the interview, Scarlet tells Bustle that she’s been laughing right along with everyone else at her fawn-like dancing.

“I just laugh it off,” she says. “I mean, like, what else are you gonna do with those personalities in that iconic werkroom? You gotta laugh it off. Maybe it’s the New York showing, but you gotta have thick skin to [be] a drag queen — [and especially if you live in] the most difficult city in the world with the best drag in the world.”

Scarlet was just one of a mega-cast of queens to join the eleventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Oats Queen, Scarlet managed to capture hearts in her respectable run before she sashayed away after a somewhat controversial elimination.ย 


The ride was filled with good memories for Scarlet, however, and she still remembers where she was when she got the call.

“I was in Brooklyn on a rooftop of a friend’s house looking across the East River at the city and it was sunset,” she told Bustle. “It was so picturesque and so beautiful. And I definitely fell to the ground.”

Looking back, maybe that fall was a sign of thing s to come.

For whatever unenviable ability Scarlet had for dancing, she made up for her with her momentous acting talent. According to the queen, it was her drama experience that allowed her to bag her one big maxi-challenge win.

“The opportunity that Drag Race provides in that world of acting is so incredible and I’m really excited to like, open some of those doors and really pursue acting on stage and on screen,” Scarlet says. “I might not be a dancer, but I’m certainly a performer. I’ll give you a show.”

There’s no denying that after Scarlet’s very bizarre elimination.

Scarlet was as shocked as the audience by Mama Ru’s decision to send her home, but she was as diplomatic as ever in responded to the backlash from Drag Race fans.

“You know we got to respect to the decision,” she said in the interview,” I signed up to be judged, I signed up to have my fate in the hands of someone else, and that’s what the game is, you know. Just because, you know, I accept it doesn’t mean I agree with it.”

However the rest of the season plays out, Scarlet Envy knows to turn a negative into a positive. Rather than stress about her elimination, she’s embracing her weaknesses and not trying to hide them.

“We’re never the finished product. I think that performers specifically have this need to be polished and finished…but there’s no shame in admitting that maybe that’s not the cast all the time. And I hope maybe never to be actually. We are allowed to be a work in progress, and how lucky I am to have an audience watch me going through all that with myself.”

So, you can go ahead and laugh at Scarlet’s dancing all you want to. She’ll be laughing all the way to the bank while she keeps booking those gigs and elevating her drag.

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