Venus Dimilo doesn’t let anything hold her back from the art she loves.

This queen is taking the Newcastle scene by storm for all the right reasons.

Sophie Harris, also known as Venus Dimilo, is teaching us all a little lesson in finding strength through art. The 26 year-old drag queen was born with a condition called TAR (thrombocytopenia absent radius), which is a syndrome which prevents the forearms from developing.

Rather than let this hold her back, though, Harris has embraced her uniqueness and made it a part of her art, becoming the striking Venus Dimilo – a name which takes its inspiration for the iconic Greek statue with no arms.


Screenshot 2018-08-23 10.09.00
Image Credit: Venus Dimilo on Instagram


Dimilo allows Harris to have fun and feel confident. One of her signature acts is that of a masturbating t-rex. She caps off her drag persona with a stunning array of colorful costumes, electric makeup and glamorous wigs, to create a drag artist that the Newcastle scene just can’t get enough of.

Venus got her first taste of drag at age 10, when she saw a drag performance while on holiday in Turkey with her family. According to Venus, she fell in love with the flamboyance of it, but it wasn’t until much later that she learned about the world of transgender queens and hyper queens, though, that Venus was born.

The drag scene embraced Venus, and ever since her creation she has performed all over the UK (London, Glasgow, Liverpool) as well as creating a splash in her home city of Newcastle. She is a member of the Hoose of Cunny, which include her drag and housemates Ill Health and the master costumer Opium.

Venus could school us all.


‘When you’re on stage and you see the audience react to what you do it’s validation for all the hard work that you’ve put into it, and it gives sort of like a power, like things you never think of doing normally and you see yourself doing it on stage. ‘It’s a very sort of out of body experience but in the best possible way.’ – Sophie Harris, Metro UK


Dimilo says her main goal is to inspire people, and to change their perceptions of those they consider to be “disabled”. She also wants to help change how women are seen in the world of drag.

If there’s anything we can take away from this incredible story, it’s that art is power. No matter what this world throws at her, it’s pretty clear that Venus Dimilo is here to stay. We can’t wait to see her continue to shine.

Check out the original article from Metro UK.
(Featured Image Credit: Matt Smith / Barcroft Images)

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