Ms. Monét X. Change dishes the tea on All-Stars 4 and the butterfly moment that left us…well…gagging


Unless you’ve been living under a pretty big rock, it’s no secret that our new Miss Congeniality is the spectacular Ms. Monét X. Change. She was a queen that made us laugh and stole our hearts, and she’s hit the ground running just like we knew she would.

Image result for monet x change gif

In her new interview with Billboard, Ms. X. Change walks us through the ups and downs of the Miss Congeniality vote (a vote that was reportedly interfered with through a series of bots or other artificial voting) and dishes all the tea on what was really going on with her and her sisters during the finale that we’ll never forget.

One thing’s for sure: this season was a shocker.

Check out the whole interview on Billboard.

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